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Crazy Weasel

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Rejoice, fur moms and dads! A new interesting toy for your pooch is here. Call it the Crazy WeaselHINT: It’s not just a toy but it’s oh so fun for you and your fur babies!

It’s a cool pet toy that absolutely works like magic! Just let it be and it’ll function by itself. Leave it with your pets so you can have more time with other chores.

  • This ball rolls endless on its own. It just randomly rolls and rolls and rolls like crazy!
  • Highly Interactive and Enjoyable
  • Stimulates your pet’s mind and body for movement and exercise. Do you have a lazy pooch? Watch as they get up on their own and pounce, chase, or jump in absolute fun!
  • Keeps your puppers entertained when you're busy or away. Some bored and anxious fur babies tend to be destructive when left alone. But this one can solve that problem!
  • Greatly helps in your pet’s overall development and socialization.
  • Guaranteed Pet-Safe and Durable Material
  • Perfect for dogs, cats, or any other house pets.

The next time you leave the house for work, shopping, or anything else, never leave your poor fur babies lonely. Give them the love and joy that they deserve by letting them play all day with a fluffy new toy! Make the Crazy Weasel their playmate. Your pooch will love it...and so will you! 

Material/s: Propene Polymer & ABS

Power Supply: 2 pcs. AA Batteries (not included)

Rated power: 2.5 (W)


Ball diameter: approx. 8cm/3.14'' 

Tail length: approx. 21cm/8.26'' 

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