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Anti Blue-Ray Glasses

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Banish computer vision syndrome with these fashionable computer reading glasses in geek chic style for men, women and kids!

  • Too much HEV light + UVB light + blue light can lead to eye strain & headaches & dry eyes - help to avoid that with these anti glare glasses 
  • Not only do these glasses help to protect against eye strain and eye pain - the nerd glasses clear lens looks great too + can compliment your dress sense - frame size of 142-141-mm
  • These computer reading glasses will protect your eyes for a long time as the anti scratch and anti reflective housing is durable + long lasting and built to a high quality with 50 x 36 mm lenses
  • Say goodbye to the problems caused by working at a computer for too long - blurred vision + eye strain + headache + computer vision syndrome is all a thing of the past!

So make sure you protect one of the body’s most valuable resources - your eyes - and invest in a pair of computer reading glasses and start to feel the benefits to your optical health right away!

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