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Baby Steps!

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Perfect way to create a lasting memory of your baby’s tiny print!

Our Baby Steps Ink Pad is a mess-free and easy way to create a lasting memory of your baby’s tiny print.

Just press your baby’s hand or foot onto the ink pad to transfer a detailed print.

Your baby’s skin will never touch the ink(non-toxic).

Now you will always be able to remember how little your baby’s hand once was!

Step 1

Remove everything from the packaging and place on a table or the floor. Place the clean-touch ink pad, ink side down on the included white, imprint card.

Step 2

Gently press baby's hand or foot onto the clean-touch ink pad. Press down hard enough to create the print. If baby moves, no problem! Each clean-touch ink pad includes two imprint cards and can be used a maximum of two times. Ink pads will accommodate newborn's hand/feet up to 2.25” wide x 3.5” long.

Step 3

Once the print is transferred onto the imprint card, slowly remove the clean-touch ink pad. Let dry for 24-48 hours and display in your home! This keepsake is perfect for always cherishing baby's tiny little print.

Includes Baby Steps ink pad and 2 imprint cards; Ink pad accommodates hands/feet up to 3.5" long x 2.25" wide.

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