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Aluminized Fibers Socks

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The winter season is no excuse to stay indoors. Enjoy both lounging in and having fun outdoors during this cold season with warm & dry feet with the Aluminized Fibers Socks!

This awesome pair of socks is engineered with Aerospace Fabric Technology that reflects and traps body heat inside the socks, keeping you warm even in the lowest temperatures.

  • Made with Aluminized Fiber that regulates temperature; it's warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot!
  • Effectively eliminates moisture and minimizes perspiration
  • Utilizes your body heat to keep the feet warm when inside the socks
  • Thin & lightweight, you can wear it under your regular socks 
  • Extra Durable and warm enough to be worn alone
  • Perfect for men, women and children
  • Plus, it's machine washable & dryer safe too!

So whether you want to just lounge at home or play in the snow, this clever pair of socks will keep your feet warm & dry all season! Grab a pair of gift it to someone who'll love it for winter!

Material: Aluminized Fiber, Nylon, Spandex

Size: 38 x 12cm 

Net Weight: 35 grams

Package Inclusion:Aluminized Fibers Socks

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