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Color Sifter

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House chores. They just all pile up one by one each and every day... especially the laundry! How much time do you spend doing the laundry, from separating clothes according to color to drying them after washing? Well, here’s a time and effort-saving solution for you — the Color Sifter!

This super easy laundry session has got to be your new must-have. All you’ll have to do is to simply add one or two of these mysterious sheets into the laundry or washing machine and... voila! You can instantly see the magic!

    • Laboratory proven and tested.
    • Effectively protects clothes from color runs.
    • Stray colors all trap in like magic!
    • Made of super absorbent viscose fiber.
    • Absorbs dirt faster for cleaner clothes!
    • Colored clothes stay brighter longer!
    • Contains aromatic agent for fresher-smelling results!
    • No more sorting different colored clothes, wash them all together.
    • Saves you precious time and effort for other chores or leisure activities.

No more color stains on clothes when accidentally mixing your laundry together. With the Color Sifter, your laundry session just got easier and way faster. You won’t ever want to wash your clothes without it again!

Includes 1 pack of Laundry Sifter(20pcs)

Approx size:15 x 13.7 x 4 cm / 5.91 x 5.39 x 1.57 inch

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