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Foot Care Spray

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Eliminate the stinky smell of your feet with just one spray away! Never again feel embarrassed when you take off your shoes anywhere! Have the confidence of great smelling feet after a heavy athletic activity in the gym or even just removing your shoes in the house after a day's work in the office. Our Foot Care Spray's all natural herb antibacterial formula will guarantee that it will not irritate any skin type. Even more perfect for the most sensitive skin in your family! Spray directly on your feet or even in your shoes and say goodbye to the toughest bad odor!

  • No harsh chemicals!
  • All natural herbal formula is safe for anyone's smelly feet.
  • No irritation and will just leave you feeling fresh all day!
  • 99.99% antibacterial! Healthy and fungi-free feet all the time!
  • Protects your feet from shoe odor!

Keep your feet protected from unpleasant-smelling days and bacteria. Feel and smell fresh always with our Foot Care Spray!

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