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Feeling tired and exhausted? It shows on your face! Don’t let stress lines and crows feet make you look older and bring you down any further. Let this IONICWAVE EYE MASSAGER bring back the vibrant vibe starting from your eyes to your whole face!

No need to go for an expensive facial massage treatment. Here’s a convenient solution that you can reliably do on your own to achieve an instantly uplifting feel. This one’s the best for your eyes and entire face! Check it out.

  • An eye massager that will make you look younger!
  • Keeps your eyes healthy and relaxed.
  • Refreshes skin around the eyes.
  • Tones your eye and facial muscles.
  • Effectively removes bags under your eyes.
  • Reduces crows feet and wrinkles.
  • No more dark circles!
  • Works just as effectively on the T-zone area.
  • Latest IonicWave Massage Technology
  • Iontophoresis and vibration massage function.
  • Warms up to a comfortable and soothing heat.
  • Ideal for those with dry eye symptoms.
  • Fast-acting and guaranteed safe.
  • Intellectualized design with automatic operation.
  • Durable Material — Anti-Scratch and Anti-Dust
  • Energy-Saving, Cost-Efficient, and Highly Economical
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Portable — Bring it with you in your purse or bag anywhere you go for an instant revitalizing facial massage anytime you need it!

Make this best-selling IONICWAVE EYE MASSAGER yours now! So the next time you feel the stress and the signs of aging are creeping in, just pull out your handy new best friend from your bag. Do a little massage here and there and... voila! You’ll go on feeling refreshed and younger-looking at a lesser effort and minus the heavy cost.


  1. Pry out the battery cover and insert 1 pc. AAA battery (not included).
  2. Wash your face with facial cleanser/foam and pat dry appropriately prior to using the product.
  3. Apply your desired skin care or eye cream/serum on your face accordingly.
  4. Gently massage the IONICWAVE EYE MASSAGER around your eye area and T-zone.
  5. Clean the head of the massager stick after every use and always put on the protective cover.

NOTE: For best results, use at a regular basis at least 1 to 2 times daily.

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