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Ultimate charging cable

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Tired of charging cables that easily get cracked or broken? Have you bought cables countless times and spent your hard-earned money but cables just end up getting damaged again? Seriously?! No one wants that! That is why our Ultimate Charging Cable is here to help you!

his is the revolutionary solution that allows you to regenerate and fix your cable after it is broken, frayed, or shredded. The cable is so durable that you will no longer need to replace it with another one! No more buying expensive cables from now on.

  • Repair cables without damaging the wires
  • Stylish and durable, guaranteed to last for years
  • Good for charging and data transfer
  • Less energy loss while charging
  • With battery intelligent overload protection
  • Ultra high speed data transmission
  • Perfectly suitable for all devices
  • Smart charging for battery durability
  • With Auto-off feature when battery gets fully charged
  • Simultaneously charges and syncs data

Save your trouble of buying new cables! Save, repair, and reuse your charging cables from now on!


  1. Open the latch upwards
  2. Pull both sides to open connector
  3. Disconnect the cable
  4. Cut off frayed portion of cable
  5. Insert cable into connector until the end
  6. Snap connector close. Connector pins will pierce through cable sleeves
  7. Push both sides to close connector
  8. Process is done
  9. Close the latch downwards

Product Specification:

Material:Zinc Alloy+TPE

Cable Length:1.5m


Package Inclusion:1 x Ultimate Charging Cable

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